What’s in it for you?

Agents need to keep more of their earnings

We’ve seen many good agents forced to leave the profession because they just weren’t making enough money in this market. We don’t make empty promises that you’ll close more deals working at The Address. But we are committed to making sure you keep more of your commission. Our fixed costs are low, and we pass the savings on to you.

Having no office means more money for you.

Among the recent changes in the real estate profession is the reduced need for a bricks & mortar office. We mostly meet people at the home we are showing, or over their kitchen table, or perhaps at a coffee shop. This flexibility is enabled through the latest in mobile phone and laptop/tablet technology. We realize that giving up on the “traditional office” is not for everyone. But for those who can work unchained to a desk, the payback is quick.

That doesn’t mean we’ll never have an office. But not having one now gives us the agility to adapt quickly to the market. Change is constant.

Before you leave this thought, add it up. Sit down and add up what you paid for that office for a year. What part of your commission went for that purpose? If you do the math, you may be surprised. In this market, chances are, you spent a lot of your hard earned money. Did you get the value?

Agents need help coping with the latest technology

We don’t know it all. But we know a lot. If you need help making the new technological tools work for you, we can help. We are committed to helping our agents achieve their goals because that’s the only way we can succeed in reaching ours.

You have choices

There are many business models for brokerages. Some are very corporate. Many charge you monthly fees, whether you sold anything or not that month. In this market, where transaction closings are so unpredictable, that model can be too costly for agents. Some firms claim profit sharing, or retirement income. But offer no guarantees of either.

Some are more like us, except the broker is not local. That can be problematic when transactions get complicated. Some offer multilevel “residual income” plans that sound good, until you look closely. Under any of those programs, you are paying some portion of your money to somebody who didn’t do anything to earn it. “Money for nothing” is at the heart of the pitch. It’s alluring when you first hear of it. We don’t buy it.

We looked at a lot of complex plans, and we decided our agents are better off just keeping more of their money.

We give back to the community

People like doing business with organizations that have a stake in their community. We are committed to giving back in a way the makes all our associates proud of where they work, and viewed as a positive local force for good. Giving is in our DNA.

Give it a try

If you don’t, you will always wonder if you could have made it work. It’s an adventure!

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