Skip Murphy – Listing Manager for The Address Realty.

Full Time Realtor since 2004 (Cal DRE lic# 01423715).

“As a licensed agent, I have helped both buyers and sellers. But I gravitate toward helping sellers. So much depends on online marketing. I combine my photographic skills with other marketing and technical knowledge to get our clients their best desired results.”

Skip moved to Redding at the age of 19, and has resided here ever since. Prior to becoming an agent, he enjoyed a 20+ year career at Bell & Howell, and Kodak. Concluding his time there as a District Manager. A full time Realtor since 2004, he also served for 3 years on the Board of Directors of the Shasta Association of Realtors.

“I learned a lot working for those great companies, and doing lots of business travel. But it was always the best feeling to come home to Redding, my favorite city! You can see more about me online at my ReallyRedding blog, where I post a lot of my photography, and other good things about our community. Or check out my Facebook page.”

“I’m very proud to work at this brokerage my daughter Erin began in 2011. We have some terrific agents we work alongside. Both of us tend to think of our little brokerage as a scrappy start-up. But here we are more than a decade later, with a lengthy proven track record of success for our many clients.”

Thinking of selling? Call or text Skip at (530) 356 4500

Skip' business card from his Kodak days
I learned a lot at Kodak. They were a great American Company. I’d probably still be there, but everyone stopped buying film. A hard lesson in adapting to change.
Photo of Skip's family for Thanksgiving 2022
Thanksgiving 2022 in my backyard with my family. I have so much to be thankful for!