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No matter if you are buying or selling. maybe you don’t want to meet in person. Maybe it just doesn’t fit in your schedule. Maybe you wish to avoid direct sales pressure from a stranger more comfortable in their environment, while you are not equally comfortable in yours. Maybe you have concerns about unnecessary face-to-face interactions in our post-pandemic era. No matter your reason (and you need not say why), we can happily accommodate your virtual meeting needs.

Schedule a Zoom meeting, Skype, or 3 way call, or video interview with us. What makes you comfortable? We have successfully interviewed online before, with good results for our clients, and we stand ready to make that happen again for you.

Pop into our Contact Form and ask for a consultation appointment via email or phone to set up a time to “meet.” No obligation! We are a full service brokerage, and ours is a service profession. Explore whether we are a good fit for you. Tell us what YOU need!

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