A Redding home we sold
We sold this lovely home in Redding. Here is a link to the MLS listing.

We list homes for just 1%. That’s not the most important reason you should list with us, but you could potentially save thousands of dollars using our services. You should however, want list with us for the quality of our online marketing, and our history of successful sales. Our real estate photography is second-to-none around here. Our listing manager is an FAA licensed drone pilot for images and video. We do 360° virtual tours which give buyers the ability to walk through, and look all around your house online without ever physically stepping inside. We can virtually stage a vacant home to help buyers visualize a vacant home as if it was furnished.

Beyond all that, we bring our deep well of knowledge and experience gained through the sale of hundreds of local homes. We keep a list of homes we’ve listed and sold since we began the brokerage in 2011. Actual sales, with address, date, price, and MLS numbers.

Link to List-Sold list. *List may not display on all mobile devices.

As of this writing, it is a list of 242 homes that amounts to more than $72M in sales. Having successfully guided sellers through 242 escrows with all the challenges we overcame is hard won experience that normally money can’t buy. But you can, by hiring us.

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The details of our 1% listing fee below:

  • All real estate commissions are 100% negotiable by law.
  • 1% applies only to Residential sales, and there is a $1500 minimum.
  • You will probably want to offer an additional commission to whichever agent in our MLS brings you a buyer. Buyers are valuable.
Aerial photo of Redding Ca with Sundial Bridge in foreground.
Call or Text 530 356 4500

That’s it. That’s all the fine print. How can we do 1%? The old saying is that “you get what you pay for.” Often true. But only applicable if you are paying only for what you need to sell your property, and not a lot of expensive brokerage things you don’t need. There are large teams that surely have sold more homes than us. But team members come and go, and with them goes the experience. Some other expensive brokerage models are really just multi level marketing schemes, or costly corporate franchises. We have a proven program, we have the experience, and we are a good choice for local sellers.

Brokerage costs are an important factor in selecting a brokerage to sell your house, as those costs significantly impact the amount of money you receive from the sale (net sale proceeds). An expensive brokerage fee can eat into your net sale proceeds, substantially reducing the amount of money received from the sale of your property. By contrast, a low brokerage fee can help you maximize your net sale proceeds, and get the most money for your property. Additionally, it is important to consider the services offered by the brokerage and the level of expertise and experience of the individual agents working for the brokerage. You want to make sure you are working with a brokerage that can effectively market and sell your property, and that has a proven track record of success in doing so. Ultimately, your goal should be to find a brokerage that offers a balance of reasonable costs and high-quality services to help you achieve the best outcome and highest net sale proceeds for the sale of your property.